Аfro house music

Afro house is a sub-genre of house music that originated in South Africa in the early 2010s.On this page, you can download or listen to  afro mix download in DJ mixes. It is a fusion of traditional African rhythms and contemporary house beats, creating a unique and infectious sound.

The genre is characterized by its heavy use of percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, and djembe drums, as well as the incorporation of African chants and vocals. The tempo of the music is usually fast-paced, with an emphasis on creating a high-energy atmosphere on the dance floor.

Afro house has gained popularity across the globe, with prominent DJs and producers such as Black Coffee and Osunlade incorporating the genre into their sets. The music has also spawned various sub-genres, such as Afro tech and Afro deep house.

In addition to its infectious beats, Afro house has become a symbol of African culture and heritage. The genre celebrates the rich history and diversity of the continent, and serves as a platform for artists to showcase their talents and promote African music to the world.

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Аfro house music